Yankee Candle products recalled due to glass cracking

(Provided Photo/Consumer Product Safety Commission)

(WISH) — If you have a Yankee Candle in your home, there’s a new warning you need to know about.

Yankee Candle’s parent company is recalling 31,000 candles for what the Consumer Product Safety Commission is calling a “laceration hazard.”

Officials say the jar can crack when the candle is lit.

Yankee Candle said it has received 16 reports of the glass jar cracking, but no one was hurt.

The candles come from the Luminous Collection fragrance line.

See below for specific items under the recall. Click here for more information.

Item Number Luminous Collection fragrance
1535651 Sea Salt & Coral
1535890 Blackberry & Sage
1535891 Apple Blossom & Melon
1535892 Sugarcane & Honey
1535893 Pine & Sandalwood
1535894 Cinnamon & Cedar