The Film Yap reviews “Rogue One”

Film Yap

Movie news, movie news… who wants movie news?! Here’s more from The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd:

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


A decidedly edgier, grungier take on the Star Wars universe, with more shades of gray as crafty rebel spies work to obtain the plans for the Death Star. A bit discombobulated, but no Star Wars fan will walk away disappointed.”


  • La La Land


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play starving artistic types who fall in love in this throwback to Old Hollywood musicals. Gorgeous, adorable movie but winds up inconsequential.”


  • Collateral Beauty


Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton and Kate Winslet star in this insipid moralizing drama about a grieving tech company executive and his partners’ benevolent scheme to bring him back to the living – and get paid.”


  • Suicide Squad – Stream It


The superhero genre goes to the dark side with this tale of nasty villains rounded up from prison to perform good deeds. Half of a good movie. Stream It.”


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