Holiday gifts for pets and pet lovers

Fetch Fido a gift this holiday season! Are you thinking fun? Playful? Practical? Either way, Tom Dock, Veterinary Journalist & Practice Manager at Noah’s Hospital, has some ideas!


1) Almost 60% of pet owners will give their four legged friend a holiday gift this season.
2) Many pets simply enjoying “unwrapping” their gifts, regardless of what is inside. Of course, the extra attention from their owners is not bad either!
3) Pet owners and those looking to give gifts to pets or owners could consider actual physical gifts, gifts that benefit other animals, or a gift that might benefit the pet in the future.
4) While there are a LOT of cute clothing options, incredible beds and a plethora of toys, consider getting your pet something that will improve their health or prevent possible future issues.
5) There’s an old saying…”a tired dog is a good dog”. Interactive toys that dispense treats or encourage activity are great ideas. Look for toys from Kong, Premier Pet and others!
6) Don’t forget your feline friends…they likely need to increase activity levels more so than our dogs. Try cute kitty teasers to help your cat exercise more and shed some pounds.
7) How about better dental health? So many pets suffer from dental disease and learning to brush your pet’s teeth can be a fun way to give them a brighter, better smelling smile.
8) 25% of pets are lost at some time in their lifetime. Consider permanent identification, such as a microchip, to make sure your pet gets back home to you safely.
9) Local shelters and rescues do so much great work to help homeless pets and those with special needs. Why not give a monetary gift (in your pet’s name, of course) to your favorite LOCAL animal group?

10) If money is tight…ask your local shelter what kind of supplies would be helpful. You might have some old blankets, towels or even pet items that could get a second use at the shelter and help the staff care for pets.
11) Being prepared for any emergency may not be a flashy gift, but it could save your pet’s life. Consider pet insurance or even a Pet Health Savings plans as one way to help protect your pet from serious illness or injury.
12) You can review many different pet insurance plans and companies at
13) Many veterinarians now offer gift certificates or even payment plans for preventive healthcare. This would make a great stocking stuffer for the animal lover in your life!
14) The gift of time matters to them the most. Make it a point to spend a little more time with your pets each day. You will BOTH benefit!