Indiana girl who battled cancer says ‘thank you’ in a Riley Foundation campaign

Snapshot of Chloe taken from Riley Foundation video

SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTHI) – Do you remember Chloe Alexander from Sullivan who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma? It’s a cancer that mainly affects the bone. It meant the beginning of a long fight.

Back in November we featured Chloe and her family for the hard battle they were undertaking.

They would have to take regular trips to Riley Hospital for Children for chemo treatments and eventually, Chloe lost her hair.

“You’ve got to keep your head up or you can’t exactly do it or it won’t be easy,” Chloe said.

During that process, Chloe had to have yet another surgery.

“That was rough. That was really rough, because she had a huge incision in her back and so, movement, she couldn’t hardly move,” Jerri Alexander, Chloe’s mother, said.

They were able to get a great deal of support from the community, but as with all cancers, the cheering can only do so much. So, Jerri and her family decided to do something unorthodox. They applied for experimental treatment for Chloe.

After time, it began working, and soon Chloe got better. She is now in remission.

Chloe was given the chance to meet some of the Riley researchers who helped save her life and she was also able to thank them.

Check out the full video here:

She was also featured in a Facebook post on the Riley Foundation Facebook page. Check out that post below:


If you would like to learn more on the Riley Foundation, check out their website.