State Police demonstrate water rescue techniques

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana State Police want to make sure you are prepared in the event you fall through the ice or see somebody in frigid water. This comes after two 12-year-olds drowned when they fell through an icy pond in Southern Indiana last week.

State Police Sgt. Chris Lambert said there is a “one, ten, one” rule when it comes to falling through the ice. Controlled breathing is important, especially in the first minute. Controlled breathing will help with the next step. Ten minutes of active survival movement, according to Lambert, will keep your large muscles from becoming fatigued and ineffective. Finally, within one hour, hypothermia will take over the body.

Sgt. Lambert offered several tips when it comes to saving yourself.

“Elbows up on the ice to keep the chest and face out of water. Control (your) breathing. Cold shock will make you gasp, potentially will make you aspirate water, (possibly leading to a) coughing and drowning cycle,” said Sgt. Lambert.

In order to help rescue a person, experts recommend a throw bag. Throw bags can be purchased for about $20 at stores that sell outdoor gear like Gander Mountain. If you don’t have a throw bag, anything that will allow you to extend it to the victim would work; jumper cables, an extension cord, and a tree limb are just some examples.

“If you look around the retention ponds, people will leave their boats overturned and just leave them on their side of the retention pond all winter long. Those are great to affect a rescue,” said  Sgt. Lambert.

Police strongly advise you to stay off the ice when trying to rescue a victim.