Gifts for the host or hostess

food2Don’t arrive to a party empty handed! Valerie Vanderpool from Girlie Gourmet shares her favorite food and hostess gifts.

Indy Style Citrus-Marinated Olives
10-12 ounces mixed olives
1 cup fruity olive oil
peel from ½ lemon
peel from ½ orange
1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger
1 small sprig fresh rosemary
¼ cup flat leaf parsley leaves
2 cloves garlic, peeled and cut in half
1 teaspoon whole fennel seed
sea salt + fresh black pepper to taste
Gently stir all ingredients in a heavy-bottomed sauce pan.
Bring to a simmer for 15 minutes. Let cool and store in an airtight jar.

Indy Style Pineapple-Ginger-Mint Syrup
2 cups fresh pineapple juice
1 cup fresh mint leaves
2 ounces fresh ginger, cut into coins
3 Tablespoon fresh lime juice
2 cups sugar
Put pineapple juice, mint leaves, ginger coins, and lime juice into a heavy-bottomed
sauce pan and bring to just under boiling. Remove from heat and let steep 30—60
minutes. Remove ginger coins with a slotted spoon.
Put back on burner over medium-high heat. Add sugar. Stir frequently until sugar has
melted. Remove from heat, and let cool completely.
Store in an air tight bottle or jar.

Indy Style Whipped Feta with Sundried Tomatoes
10 ounces feta cheese
6 ounces cream cheese
½ small shallot, minced
zest of 1 lemon
1 Tablespoon rosemary leaves
¼ cup sundried tomatoes, small chop
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
sea salt + fresh black pepper to taste
Put feta, cream cheese, shallot, lemon zest, and rosemary into the bowl of a food
processor. Process until smooth.
Scrape into a bowl and fold in the sundried tomatoes, red pepper flakes , salt and
pepper. Taste and adjust seasonings, if necessary.
Store in an air tight jar.

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