Indy Style surprises a deserving teacher

teacher1Hard-earned… well-deserved! To honor the teachers in our lives, we had a BIG surprise up our sleeves this morning, with a big help from the crew at Verizon! Along with sharing the great work that happens with Teachers’ Treasures, we also chat about the upcoming Circle City Donut 5K on Feb. 18. But first…. let’s get to the good stuff!

Here are today’s top tech products, all courtesy of Verizon:

Total Retail Value for these items: $909.97


  • Most of these devices can help teachers in the classroom – the latest and top-rated smartphone, Virtual Reality headset and Bluetooth speaker.
  • Imagine having no storage limits on classroom videos and photos – or using mobile tech that actually can help create better lessons and ease a teacher’s planning time.
  • Virtual Reality is allowing students to experience places and spaces as they never have before in 360 video – so ‘you are there.’

 Google Pixel

  • Top-rated smartphone of the holiday season
  • Unlimited storage for video and photos
  • Use with Google’s smart assistant to find online information – such as “What is Teachers’ Treasures?” and “How can I make a donation?”
  • Make video calls with colleagues with Google Duo
  • Easy transfer of contacts from an older phone to Pixel with the Quick Switch Adapter

Daydream View

  • Affordable Virtual Reality (VR) headset
  • Pairs with the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL
  • Great use for classroom VR trips around the globe – historical sites, museums, national parks, etc.
  • Be in the action like speeding around the famous oval at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Bose SoundLink Mini II

  • Bluetooth speaker with great Bose audio and wireless range of 30 feet
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Convenient charging from USB
  • Engineered to travel for field trips

Still want to learn more? No problem! Here you go:

teacher2Need some great mobile tech in the classroom? Then Verizon has great options for busy teachers to explore.

The season’s top rated smartphone Google Pixel is the perfect classroom companions for a teacher. Pixel’s Smartburst will select the best picture for you, and back-up the rest, so no more wasted time sorting through your photo stream and identifying class projects. With unlimited storage with Google Photos, you never have to delete a photo to make room for more. Pixel’s smart assistant makes information, such as finding the biography of President Benjamin Harrison (and his Indianapolis home), as easy as saying “OK Google.”

Daydream View, a mobile virtual reality headset, takes students to places they can only imagine – from historical sites across the globe to the homes of extinct dinosaurs. Watch videos in 360 degrees and its feels like you’re there. Students can swim with a school of dolphins, take in the majesty of the Taj Mahal, stand on the edge of a volcano and even explore the world’s most famous paintings in a virtual museum. Perfect for art, history, science and even more topics.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is great for classroom use, thanks to its compact size and up to 10 hours of battery life. Voice prompts guide you through Bluetooth pairing, while a multi-function button makes it easy to control your music and calls on your paired smartphone or tablet. This device is a great tool for incorporating music with your class curriculum while highlighting Hoosiers from Cole Porter to Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. With a micro USB charging port, it can conveniently be charged from most USB sources.

And even more great items for teachers:

The Moto Z Force DROID comes with various attachable units such as the Moto Insta-Share Projector Mod, which can project up to 70 inches. The Moto Z can also be coupled with the True Zoom, a camera attachment that magnetically latches onto the back of the Moto Z and expands the phone’s photography prowess by adding optical zoom up to 10x. Both are great tools for sharing specially created classroom content.

If you’re prone to forgetting where your car keys, backpack or any other items you carry into the classroom happen to be, you won’t have to worry with the Tile Slim. Simply attach the tiny trackers to your special items and your smartphone will help guide you to them. The Tile Slim comes in a pack of four to share with your other busy colleagues.

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