Whitestown police officers surprise people with random acts of kindness

Officers with the Whitestown Police Department randomly handed out $100 bills Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016. (WISH photo)

WHITESTOWN (WISH) — Officers with the Whitestown Police Department pulled over dozens of drivers Thursday, but not for speeding.

The operation began when someone donated $2,500 to the police department.

The anonymous donor asked officers to spread the holiday cheer so they surprised people by doing random acts of kindness.

“It’s wonderful when you’re able to give to your community in a way that most people don’t understand or see police as giving to their community,” said officer Ezra Clemons, Whitestown Police Department.

Officer Clemons told 24-Hour News 8 he loves his job and the holiday season.

“Yes, this is my favorite time of the year,” he said. “I can’t remember when it was not.”

Clemons spent Thursday evening rewarding drivers on Whitestown Parkway.

“We want to share some Christmas joy with you and recognition of the season as well as you being a good driver,” he told the driver.

Each driver received a card with a one hundred dollar bill inside.

“Well thank you very much,” said Connie Harsin, who received the money. “Oh my goodness you can’t do that!”

Harsin said she and her husband were heading home from the store when they saw the flashing lights.

“I said I didn’t do anything wrong. My husband said pull over, put your flashers on, put your hands on the wheels where they belong and be quiet,” she laughed.

Officer Clemons said the reactions are priceless and the feeling unforgettable.

“We like to spread joy as well,” he said. “It’s a wonderful feeling, absolutely wonderful feeling.”

The random acts of kindness continued at restaurants. A young boy was speechless when he saw the cash.

At a nearby gas station, Michelle Steele was blocked from leaving the parking lot.

“I thought oh my God, why is the police doing up behind me? I’m like we’re not even driving,” she said. “I said am I in the handicap side, what happened?”

Steele said she already knows what she’s doing with the money.

“I’m probably going to pay it forward,” she said.

The department will continue the random acts of kindness until the money runs out.

Officer Clemons is hoping that everyone will see that the men and women in blue are part of the community and they’re people as well.