Near-record warmth brings outdoor fun and potholes

Changing December weather is impacting area roads. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dec. 26’s near-record warmth got Hoosiers outside, but it’s also expected to create roadway problems.

The Monon Trail in Indianapolis was a busy spot Monday. Despite the rain, Hoosiers found themselves outdoors.

“Come outside and run,” Indianapolis visitor, Fabin Churchill said. “I guess I should’ve looked at the forecast first, huh? But, hey, I’m here, so I’m running.”

Some even grabbed a cold treat. “I was able to go out and get ice cream and walk around,” Westfield resident, Jackie Davis said. “I was able to wear sandals. I don’t have to wear boots. It’s just very bizarre.”

Monday climbed to the mid-60s, just below Dec. 26’s record high.

Indianapolis resident Logan Wechter said, “That’s how I would describe it. You don’t know what to expect. I say, come out and enjoy it.”

Near record warmth brought a number of Hoosiers outdoors in late December.
Some people walking along the Monon Trail to take advantage of the near record warmth.

But there are some consequences to the warm weather. After days of frigid air last week, this late December thaw is producing potholes.

“There have been more than usual, I think,” Davis said.

“Potholes are terrible, man,” Churchill said. “The city got to do something about that, man.”

In fact, Indy DPW says it is attacking potholes. With the wild weather changes, it put out a call to its social media page asking neighbors to alert them of potholes, and later this week it will get to as many as it can.

Right now, there are 186 pothole reports across Indianapolis. The bigger problem will come in a couple months, so crews are working to stay ahead.

“It’s weird to not see snow, so I planned on taking my younger sibling sledding and carrying on while I’m in town, but can’t do that,” Churchill said.

Indy DPW said it’ll start work on the potholes on Tuesday, but residents need to continue to help.

If you see a pothole, either give the mayor’s action center a call, 317-327-4000, or use your smart device to report it online.

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