Minimum wage going up for many, but not Indiana

(WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The minimum wage will be going up for many, but not in Indiana, and Indiana-made vehicles help Subaru reach record sales.

In several places the minimum wage jump will be between $1 and $2 an hour.

It can provide a full-time worker with another $40 to $80 a week.

Indiana’s laws won’t be changing next week, although there are proposals in the legislature for an increase down the road.

In other business headlines, the U.S. Marketing and Distribution Arm of Subaru Vehicles has broken a sales record for the eighth consecutive year.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive in Lafayette is expecting to cross the 600,000 car sales barrier by the year-end closing date of Jan. 3.

SIA is the only Subaru production plant in the U.S., and it recently rolled its five millionth vehicle off the line.

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