Cars stolen while owners leave them to warm up

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — You might want to think twice before starting your car early to warm it up. Since Monday, four people have told police their car was stolen while they left it running outside.

It can happen anywhere in a matter of seconds. On Wednesday morning it happened at an apartment complex near 59th Street  and Georgetown Road.

“It kind of shocked me because I leave the car running there in the morning because I wake up, get ready to take my girlfriend to work, and just leave the car running. We look out the window every five minutes just to make sure it is there,” said Rashad McCoy.

McCoy says after hearing about the theft of his neighbor’s car, he’s going to change his habits.

“It is like you can’t even go outside leaving your car to warm up to get ready to go to work and handle your business because somebody is watching you, getting ready to take your car,” said another neighbor who asked not to be identified.

That neighbor says she’s angry because the thieves don’t know if their victims have kids or sick family members to drive around.

She said she used to go back inside while leaving her car to warm up. Now she won’t be taking her eyes off of it while the keys are in the ignition.

“If I’m starting my car up in the morning I will be sitting outside, waiting in my car,” said the neighbor.

“I’m not going to start my car. They are going to have to take somebody else’s car that left their car started, not mine,” said McCoy.

Two of those reports of stolen cars happened Wednesday morning. Police say both have since been recovered.

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