President-elect Donald Trump writing most of his inaugural address himself

In this Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016, photo, President-elect Donald Trump arrives at Carrier Corp in Indianapolis. Trump is slated to hold the second stop of this "thank you" tour Tuesday, Dec. 6, in North Carolina, less than a week after his bombastic return to rallies at an Ohio appearance that felt more like a raucous campaign stop than a traditional speech by a president-to-be. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

(WISH) – President-elect Donald Trump says he is writing most of his inaugural address himself.

Douglas Brinkley, CNN’s Presidential Historian, met with Trump to discuss the upcoming speech on Jan. 20.

Brinkley said Trump is intent on drafting the speech himself. He expects Trump to touch on the education system, infrastructure, border security and the outsourcing of jobs.

Officials say he spent part of his day on Thursday working on the speech at his resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump wants his speech to be short so his supporters attending the ceremony won’t be standing out in the cold too long, according to Brinkley.

CNN contributed to this report. 

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