Festive party toasts for New Years Eve

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Crunchy party toasts’ (crostini) are versatile easy-to-prepare party hors d’oeuvres. Small slices of grilled or toasted bread with various toppings are party favorites that can be delicious and healthy when you control the toppings.

Assemble crostini. Health benefits of the ingredients.

Make your own little toasts. Simple.

  • Rather than white bread, opt for whole grain. Rudi’s bakery or Ezekiel bread.
  • Peanut Butter:
  • Should have two ingredients: “peanuts and salt”
  • Most wholefoods grocers have a grinder for fresh.
  • Organic Brands healthier
  • “Natural” peanut butters often contain added oils and sugar. Jif Naturals includes peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt, and molasses.
  • Skippy and Jif. Jif Creamy ingredients: peanuts, sugar, molasses, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean), fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (rapeseed and soybean), mono- and diglycerides and salt.
  • Goat’s cheese:
  • Goat cheese contains less lactose than cow’s milk and cheese,
  • Easier to digest
  • Goat cheese -vitamins D, K, thiamine and niacin.
  • Goat’s milk contains only trace amounts of an allergenic casein protein, alpha-S1, found in cow’s milk.
  • Goat cheese contains half the saturated fat of cheddar cheese.

Grilled Crostini with Goat’s cheese, Hazelnuts, and Honey

Hazelnuts-Magnesium, Vitamin E

Olive oil

Himalayan salt and pepper
Heavy Grain / Seeded bread
Goat’s Cheese-Room temperature
Raw Honey

  • Rub toasts with oil and either grill or bake till lightly crispy.
  • Toss chopped toasted hazelnuts in a little olive oil; season with salt and pepper.
  • Spread toasted thin seeded bread with goat’s cheese. Top with hazelnuts and drizzle with honey.


Crunchy Peanut Butter–Sriracha toasts

Crunchy ‘organic’ peanut butter (Not Skippy / Jiffy or hydrogenated versions-read labels.)-Fiber
Slice of hardy whole grain toast-Fiber
Scallion for garnish, sliced
Fresh cilantro leaves for garnish
Sriracha to taste
Fresh lime juice
Himalayan salt

  • Rub toasts with oil and either grill or bake till lightly crispy.
  • Spread peanut butter on a slice of toast.
  • Top with sliced Sriracha, then scallion, fresh cilantro leaves. Finish with lime juice and salt.


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