Baby Boot Camp: Top 5 ways to stay fit in 2017!

2017 is all about getting back in shape! Kara Babcock, owner of Baby Boot Camp, shares 5 tips to achieving the goal:

1) Partner up!

  • Get a friend or bring along your little you ones for your workouts (will want to see their friends so make you feel guilty about not going!)

2) Plan activity with workout friends after your class will make you look forward to something after your workout!

3) Love your workout!

  • Find something that makes you feel confident and changes/different
  • Add your partner (or little ones to your workouts) makes it more fun

4) Love what you are wearing, and sit out clothes the night before!

5) Fitness tracker!

  • Helps keep track of daily steps, calories etc

Lastly, remember any workout is better than no workout!

Find more info out about Baby Boot Camp from their website at or on their Facebook page: