Colts fans demand changes

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano watches as the Colts warm up before an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers, Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Colts fans are reacting to the team’s dismal season.

“The first thing they need to do is fire Chuck Pagano,” said Raja Mehtab, while outside Lucas Oil Stadium.

“Dismiss Mr. Grigson in my opinion,” said Kristi Schaffer, after buying apparel at the Colts Pro Shop.

This is the second season in a row the team hasn’t made the playoffs.

“They definitely need to do some restructuring,” said Kim Pefley, a lifelong Colts fan.

“I think the underlying issues come from the front office and they need to make some serious decisions,” said Schaffer.

The Colts won their last game of the season Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts went eight and eight this season, the same record as last season.

This is the second time since the 1990’s they’ve not gone to the playoffs in consecutive season.

“You have a star QB, you have a star wide receiver, you kind of have the good running game, you just need to focus on your O (offensive) line and a new coaching staff may be what will shake up the system,” said Mehtab.

Chuck Pagano addressed fans Monday afternoon.

“We’re going to go to work, we’ll take some time to hit the reset button, hit the recharge button, but we will grind,” he said.

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