Police: Woman tried to burn down house of ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend

(Provided Photo/Greenwood Police Department)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Police say a woman poured gas around a Greenwood home in an attempt to burn it down after learning her girlfriend was cheating on her with one of the men who lived there.

Keesha Brown, 25, faces preliminary charges of attempted arson and intimidation.

The Greenwood Police Department responded to a call in the 100 block of East Main Street just after 6:30 a.m. Sunday after residents said someone had poured gas around the home and then lit the gas on fire. A woman who was sleeping inside the house with her 11-year-old granddaughter at the time told her husband the house was on fire. Police said the residents were able to put out the fire.

Following the fire, a resident of the home saw a person, later identified as Brown, behind the house and followed her to the intersection of Washington and Broadway streets.

Another witness stated that when he approached Brown, demanding that she remove her hands from her pockets, she revealed knives in both hands and proceeded to chase after him, attempting to stab him in the back.

Police returned to the residence on East Main Street to find Brown in front of the house with a knife in each hand, surrounded by three men, all of whom resided in the home.

Brown says she had been dating the former girlfriend of one of the residents of the home, when she read Facebook posts leading her to believe her girlfriend was seeing the ex-boyfriend again. Brown called a resident of the home so she could speak to her girlfriend, eventually threatening to “fight him like a man” and to set his house on fire.

After denying involvement in the fire, Brown told police she set the fire to take revenge on her girlfriend’s former boyfriend and as a way of releasing stress. She stated a man chased her as she walked down the alley, and another man joined him, eventually ending up back in front of the residence, where one of the men hit her with a hard object, just before police arrived.

Brown was transported to Johnson Memorial Hospital for evaluation and then to Johnson County Jail.

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