Thieves bust through wall to get inside liquor store

Thieves tunneled through cinder block wall to break into Mr. Cee's Liquor on East 38th Street near Post Road. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mr. Cee’s Liquor sits on East 38th Street near Post Road. The popular liquor store is connected to a strip mall.

On Monday morning, an employee for Mr. Cee’s walked in and discovered the office had been ransacked. As she continued to look around, she noticed a gaping hole in the wall.

Police were called to the scene and determined that someone broke into an empty business next door and then tunneled a hole through cinder block wall to the liquor store.

Management at Mr. Cee’s declined to comment on the break-in.

Tony Parris owns a barbershop called Lookin Good. The shop is just a couple of doors down from the liquor store.

“The crime rate went up, the murder rate went up, the community has to get together to figure it out what to do,” said Parris.

In an eerie coincidence, someone broke into a gas station on 30th Street and College Avenue. Police say the suspects tunneled through the wall.

Detectives are unsure if the two crimes are connected.

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