Try these accessories in your wardrobe this year

Amp up your style this year with accessories!

Jen Russell, owner of JenDaisy Boutique in Greenwood, highlights how accessories can change your look and get more out of your clothes.


Caroline: This New Year, you will see it’s all about the coat or jacket. This little jacket can be worn as a top to by removing the fur collar around the neck.  You can dress this look up by adding a nice sparkly statement necklace. JenDaisy styles it today for this collage student on-the-go. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be a new you this year!



Claire: Claire is wearing a pretty mint tunic, and the fun thing about this dress is the detail in the back. A lot of girls will pass right over this dress, but with this look, you can actually use the criss-cross detail as your accessory. You can make the back of this dress the front and make it a little more dressy by adding layers of necklaces and a good pair of high heels. Every girl should have a black and nude pair of heels or low heels in their closet. The other thing often heard in the store is when a dress has this criss-cross, women think they cannot wear it because it comes down too low. Just add a basic black tank, and you are good to go!


Teresa: Teresa is actually the beautiful mom to both of the previous models!  Be brave, and step out of your comfort zone by adding feminine floral dresses to your wardrobe. You can dress this look up by adding nice statement jewelry and bracelets. To dress down, add a vest. Vests like this one are the best accessory. A simple vest can change up an outfit, and make it new. One thing seen a lot is inspirational bracelets. They can be worn with anything and can be good daily reminders. Be brave this year! Get out of the style rut you may be in!  JenDaisy Boutique would love to help you be a brave new you this coming year!

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