Docs: Teen sexually assaulted woman and security guard at gunpoint

(Provided Photo/IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A 17-year-old boy sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room then also sexually assaulted a female security guard who went to check on the victim.

Korey Reaves, 17, is being charged as an adult in the case. Reaves faces 13 felonies for rape, kidnapping, burglary, criminal confinement, intimidation, sexual battery and pointing a firearm. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of carrying a handgun without a license.

Court documents state that Reaves and 19-year-old Anthony Fort went to the Suburban Extended Stay Northeast hotel in the 8000 block of Bash Street and went to the third floor to meet a woman. One account of the evening, provided by the victim, stated that she previously met Reaves at Castleton Square Mall on Dec. 26. Reaves told officers he met her on

The victim Reaves and Fort arrived at her hotel room after she invited Reaves over, but she did not want to let them both in. She said the men forced their way in to her room.

She was then told to take off her clothes and get on her knees. Reaves, armed with a handgun, reportedly demanded money from the victim. She said Fort was trying to get Reaves to leave.

A female security guard who had been monitoring the pair then went to the room. She knocked on the door, said she heard noises and someone saying to be quiet, then went leave when she was grabbed and forced into the room.

Anthony Fort and Myia Kilgore are also charged in the case. (Provided Photos/IMPD)
Anthony Fort and Myia Kilgore are also charged in the case. (Provided Photos/IMPD)

From there, both victims were forced at gunpoint to perform oral sex on Reaves. Court documents state that Reaves attempted to clean up bodily fluids that were left on the carpet.

The security guard then offered to drive Reaves to an ATM in order to meet the demands for money. Reaves, Fort and the security guard then left the hotel room.

When they were leaving, they noticed police vehicles in the parking lot. She told investigators that Reaves said if she tried to signal for police, he would shoot her first then deal with them after.

She said that it was revealed to her that the whole thing was a set-up to rob the woman in the hotel room because Reaves has a young daughter that is ill. She continued to drive Reaves to a Teacher’s Credit Union on Shadeland Avenue where she was unable to withdraw any money, but offered to write Reaves a check.

After leaving the credit union, the vehicle was pulled over and several more officers arrived shortly. Court documents she said that she would lie to police and say that Reaves is her nephew in order to “keep him from doing anything stupid during the traffic stop.”

Reaves was detained and the security guard told police she was also a victim.

During an interview with police, Reaves said that he hears voices in his head and wrote apologies to the female victims.

Fort, who did not go to the ATM, is also charged in the case. He faces 13 felony counts in the case for rape, burglary, kidnapping, attempted armed robbery, sexual battery and pointing a firearm.

Another person, Myia Kilgore also faces charges. Investigators believe she knew of the robbery set-up and intended to act as a getaway driver. Kilgore, 17 at the time, will be charged as an adult. Kilgore faces eight felony counts for robbery, kidnapping, burglary, criminal confinement, intimidation and pointing a firearm.

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