DPW reacts to Thursday snow on Indy roadways

Plows were out on the road Thursday morning dealing with the snow on Jan. 5, 2017. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Thursday was a tale of two drive times.

The morning was a snowy mess.

Indianapolis Department of Public Works had 80 plow and salt trucks out on the road in the overnight hours.

“At 11 a.m., we activated another 80 drivers to continue plowing and salting roadways into tonight,” DPW Spokesperson Jennifer Hashem said.

By the late afternoon and evening, snow had cleared and traffic proceeded as usual.

Hashem said they didn’t have any major trouble spots.

Travelers shared the same story.

“I didn’t think they were too bad as long as people backed off and weren’t tailgating each other,” visitor from Texas, Mitch Mathis said.

“Oh it was fine, really no problems, so easy driving,” traveler, Christine Moulton said.

Hashem believes a lot of the pre-treating has helped melt the falling snow and hopefully prevent some re-freeze.

Thursday night another 36 trucks headed out on the Indy roadways to help make sure that’s the case.

“Bridge exits and overpasses, places where icy areas can sometimes develop, we want to make sure those are addressed for the morning commute,” Hashem said.

Hashem wants to remind people to keep some distance between their car and the trucks.

“If you see a plow truck, give us space to do our job, as always make sure that your vehicle is winter ready. We are in January so we’re kind of in the middle of that snow season right now,” she said.

And as far as salt supply for the rest of winter, she said the department is in good shape.

“All of our barns are fully stacked. At this time we have over 14,000 tons,” she said.

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