Former ITT students file motion asking bankruptcy court to view students as class of creditors

(WISH) – ITT students want a seat at the table as the company goes through bankruptcy, and is Chrysler the next automaker in Donald Trump’s crosshairs?

Former ITT students filed a motion asking the bankruptcy court to recognize students who attended ITT as a class of creditors.

They also filed a suit against the company within the bankruptcy, alleging the school misled them about job placement rates, financial aid and other factors.

ITT Educational Services, ITT’s Parent Company, filed for bankruptcy last year amid allegations from regulators that the company lured students into taking on predatory private loans and misled students about the nature of its programs.

In other business headlines, President-elect Donald Trump has a huge problem with American jobs going to Mexico, especially when it comes to car manufacturing.

His favorite target is Ford.

Trump repeatedly slammed Ford on the campaign trail for its “horrible” decision to invest billions in Mexico.

He’s also gone after General Motors, but he rarely mentioned Chrysler, but Chrysler has far more employees in Mexico. Chrysler has more than 12,000 employees located in Mexico, where Ford has about 8,000.

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