Major cities across the U.S. see spike in homicides

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In 2016, Indianapolis recorded 149 homicides, making it the deadliest year in the capital city.

In the aftermath, police, community leaders and some business owners are contemplating how to prevent 2017 from repeating 2016.

24-Hour News 8 took a look at homicide numbers in some cities across the U.S. similar to Indianapolis.

In Cincinnati for instance, there were 62 homicides in the city in 2016. Cincinnati, the third largest city in Ohio, is smaller than Indianapolis and recorded 61 homicides. In 2015, the city reported 71 murders.

“We credit that to police work and community stake holders,” said Lt. Steve Saunders with the Cincinnati Police Department.

In Memphis, another city smaller than Indianapolis, police there were dispatched to 228 murders in 2016.

In St. Louis, Missouri, the city reported a 188 murders.

Reverend Charles Harrison, leader of the crime fighting group the Ten Point Coalition, adds that no community, city or state is immune to homicides.

“You’re going to have some of the same numbers across the country because you got the same problem, the problem we are having in all of these cities you have violence that is related to drug trafficking, neighborhood clicks and some cities have gangs,” said Harrison.

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