Authorities pinpoint source of central Indiana gas smell

Carmel City Hall (WISH Photo/Joe Melillo)

CARMEL, Ind. (AP) – Authorities say they’ve pinpointed the likely source of a smelly chemical that prompted reports of a natural gas-like odor in central Indiana.

The Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency says authorities on Sunday got dozens of calls about the smell of natural gas in Carmel-area homes and businesses. Gas monitors were used and no natural gas readings were found.

Officials say the smell in southern and central Hamilton County likely came from an Indianapolis industrial business. The odor has since dissipated.

Natural gas is ordinarily odorless, but an additive called mercaptan gives it a smell to warn people about leaks. Officials initially said they thought mercaptan was released, but on Monday they said only a “pungent smelling chemical” was to blame.

A similar incident was reported in July.