Freezing rain threat activates DPW salt crews

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The threat of freezing rain Monday night was enough to activate Indy DPW’s Snow Force crews.

40 drivers got to work about 11 pm treating the roads.

The night of December 16 won’t soon be forgotten in Indianapolis.

“I didn’t drive that night but a friend did and he got in an accident,” Resident Keah Sprowel said.

Freezing rain turned roads across the city into skating rinks.

There were hundreds of accidents and even more headaches.

Keah Sprowel learned a lesson that night.

“It’s a worry because people need to slow down,” she said, “You’re going to get there, but if you’re going too fast you might not get there.”

She hopes people follow that advice when freezing rain is expected again in the area.

“We’ll focus mainly on de-icing for this event,” DPW Spokesperson Jennifer Hashem said, “Our goal is to make sure we’re continuing that de-icing process.”

In the event you have to be driving overnight, the main roads will be treated by DPW crews.

Jennifer Hashem said the rain-into-ice situation is very tricky for the road crews.

“When we have rain leading up to an event that could possibly turn to snowfall or possibly freezing rain, we do not pre-treat roads simply because that salt would wash away,” she said, “However because of that we need to monitor weather conditions very closely, we watch for pavement temperatures as well.”

DPW also has a way for people to check if their route’s been treated before leaving home.

Indy Snow Force Viewer is available for residents to take a look and see where snow force vehicles have already been and where they’re headed next,” she said.

DPW also offers driving tips for winter weather, like keeping an emergency kit in your car, slowing down, and turning into the skid if your car slides.

Sprowel is going to follow another piece of advice: just stay home.

“I’m definitely going to be in and off the roads,” she said.