Woman texted 911 to report domestic disturbance in Columbus

One woman managed to alert authorities to a domestic disturbance in Columbus using Text to 911. (WISH photo)

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) — One woman managed to alert authorities to a domestic disturbance in Columbus. Instead of calling 911, police said the woman did something else.

Police said the woman feared for her life. She was in the bedroom and the suspect, believed to be her husband, was on the other side of the door.

She couldn’t call police so she texted 911 on her phone. The dispatcher, who responded to the message, knew this was something serious.

Amanda Aird told 24-Hour News 8 she goes into work everyday taking a lot of different calls.

“I took a 911 call just a few minutes ago about how someone parked their car in somebody’s yard and then you get serious calls where maybe someone’s having a heart attack or even worse,” she said.

The 911 call came in the form of a text message last Friday night.

“Basically, what it said was there was a drunk violent man at a certain residence on Lafayette here in Columbus,” she said. “I proceeded to try to get more information from them.”

Aird said she messaged the person back trying to get information on the man and his location in the house.

She quickly learned the person reporting the emergency was the victim.

“Suddenly I was talking with a female and that female happened to be related to the man,” she said.

24-Hour News 8 obtained the transcript of the conversation. Arid responded, “help is on the way.”

“I was doing my best to reassure her, she was very panicked,” she said.

The victim texted back message after message saying, “PLZ HELP,” “HURRY IK HISNWIFE,” “We are pinned upstairs,” “He is dangerous,” “He has attacked me,” and “HURRY HE WILL KILL M.”

“She was sending me text messages. They were very rushed a lot of words spelled incorrectly, they were in all caps. You could tell there was just a lot of fear involved,” she said. “It was just boom, boom, boom, text after text, you could tell she was very afraid for her life.”

Police got to the scene and found the victim. She told them she was choked and her head was slammed into the wall.

Police said 33-year-old Richard Trulock was taken into custody.

“I’m so glad we have the technology, if we didn’t have the Text to 911 he might have heard her on the phone and maybe come into the room and the situation could have ended very differently,” said Aird.

Columbus and Bartholomew County introduced Text to 911 in 2014. Police said dispatch received 277 requests for services last year and the system is currently used by 92 counties.

The system is also available in Marion County. Police said you can text by sending a message with your emergency and location to 911.