4 tips to get your kids’ playroom in order

Is your kids’ playroom taking over your house? Toys EVERYWHERE? No worries! Claire Dilts, Professional Organizer/Owner of Indianapolis market for NEAT Method, shares NEAT’s TOP 4 tips to create a playroom that’s functional, efficient, and visually appealing.


Tip #1 : Purge
-Create piles for “donating” or “tossing”. Eliminate easy items first (broken crayons, dried play-dough, etc.)

Tip # 2: Group like items
-Separate and categorize toys. (ex: puzzles/games, stuffed animals/dolls, craft/art supplies, etc.)


Tip # 3: Find everything a home
-Now that you have “inventory”, you can find everything a home. Look for bins/baskets that work well for smaller items and larger storage solutions for bulkier toys (balls, stuffed animals) Display “current” artwork and toss and/or make a digital record of treasured art projects.

Tip # 4: Label, Label, Label
-Use chalkboard tape, a label-maker, sticker labels or hanging tags to label all storage solutions. This helps speed up the process of cleaning, while also allowing kids to get involved and gain some responsibility of their belongings.


Today’s products:

1) Li’l Davinci Display Cabinet/Frame: Perfect way to display artwork and continuously change it out as more projects come in
2) Wire Toy Storage Barrel: Easy access to large/bulky toys (stuffed animals, balls, etc)
3) Striped Canvas Bins w/ Hanging Label: Stressing the importance of labeling with different bins
4) Plastic Bin w/ Sticker Label: Stressing the importance of labeling with different bins
5) Smart Store Art Caddy: Storage Solution for any and all craft supplies that makes it easy to display as well as travel with

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