Have a meal at The Northside Social and support local charities

No better reason to get a good meal, that’s for sure. Every month, The Northside Social partners with a local organization and donates 5% of their total sales. It’s all a part of “Give Back Tuesdays,” and this month, The Northside Social has partnered with Dayspring Center. They seek to shelter, feed, clothe and assist homeless families with children throughout Central Indiana, helping them become independent, self-supportive families once again.

In February, they’ll partner with School On Wheels whose mission is to enhance educational opportunities for school-aged children experiencing homelessness. Their program serves as a consistent support system during a time of great stress and fear. They provide one-on-one tutoring, school supplies, and a parent program to assist parents in being the best advocates for their children.

Owner Nicole Harlan-Oprisu and Executive Chef Dean Sample tell us more! (along with sharing more about the opening of their newest pizza and wine bar, The Nook!)

The Nook by Northside

We are happy to announce the opening of The Nook pizza.wine.bar on Wednesday, January 25th at 4pm. The Nook offers Artisanal American style pizza with specialties that include:

Our signature pizza The Nook (house fennel sausage, red wine braised mushrooms, pickled red onions, house red tomato sauce, applewood smoked bacon)
Clam Bake (chopped baby clams, house white velvet sauce, garlic coulis, romano, tomato & bacon)
Philly (mustard braised brisket, crimini mushrooms, pepperoncini, white velvet sauce, caramelized shallots, house cheese blend)

The Nook is located at 6513 N. College Avenue
Walk-in and over 21 only

Monday 4-10
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday-Thursday 4-10
Friday & Saturday 4-11
Sunday 1-9

Roasted Burrata-

4oz Burrata Ball
1 oz N’ duja sausage
4oz – Roasted Tomatoes (Chopped)
2 oz Pizza Sauce
2 oz White Pizza Sauce
1 tsp Olive Oil
2 Basil Leaf- Chiffonade
Bake at 550 Degrees for 5 Minutes- Serve with Crusty Bread (Preferably Foccacia)
Recipe: Walleye 7oz- Scales Removed
1tsp Oil
1Tbs Butter
1 Tbs White Wine
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1 Thyme Sprig

Red Wine Braised Onions-
Pearl Onions- 24
Salt and Pepper 2 Tbs
Canola Oil- 1 Tbs
1 Cups Red Wine
1 Cup Red Wine Vinegar
1 Cup Sugar
1 Bay Leaf

Potato-Turnip Puree
2 Russet Potatoes- (Peeled- 1” Dice)
4 Turnips-(Peeled 1” Dice)
1 Qt Heavy Cream
Salt/White Pepper -To Taste
1 Tbs Lemon Juice
Celery Salad
Shaved Celery
Celery Leaves
Lemon Juice/Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper -To taste

Roast Carrots and Turnips with Salt and pepper and oil 350 Degrees until tender( About 25 Minutes)

Season Walleye- Sear Walleye In sauté pan- Skin Side Down for about 3 Minutes or until the fish skin appears Crisp- Flip the fish add Wine and lemon Juice let reduce to half. Add butter and Thyme Spring Lightly coating the walleye with the pan sauce.

Toss Pearl Onions in oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on ceramic baking dish and roast in oven at 350 Degrees until slightly browned (about 10 Minutes). Add red wine, red wine vinegar, bay leaf and sugar and continue to Braise 30 minutes or until onions are tender.

Place potatoes and Turnips in sauce pot- Cover with cream season with salt and white pepper, let simmer on medium heat until potatoes are tender- add to vitamix blender and blend until smooth. Add lemon Juice.

Toss Celery salad- in lemon and olive oil- Season to taste

To learn more:

Visit The Northside Social online at www.northsidenook.com.
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