Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Indiana Original

There’s chocolate…. and then there’s Chocolate for the Spirit! Learn all about some of the world’s finest, rarest chocolates from Master Chocolatier Julie, Chocolate for the Spirit, along with Mel McMahon, Indiana Originals!


About Indiana Originals:

Indiana Originals is helping simplify the search for local by providing a growing, statewide directory of locally owned and operated businesses headquartered in Indiana. Online and on their app, you can find today’s featured Indiana Originals members, Chocolate for the Spirit!

Indiana Originals provides an online search engine and app to help consumers find Indiana based businesses and brands. We strive to create stronger, healthier communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating a greater use of independent, Indiana owned businesses. All of our members are locally owned and operated businesses headquartered in Indiana. Our members increase identification and exposure of local businesses, encourage a local preference, make local easier to find and recirculate three to five times more money in our local economy than a chain headquartered out of state. For more information, visit or download the app.


About Chocolate for the Spirit:

Chocolate for the Spirit is an award-winning, artisan chocolatier focused on working with some of the world’s finest, rarest chocolates and introducing American consumers to the over 400 flavor and fragrance aromas found in chocolate. Master Chocolatier Julie’s luxury chocolate creations feature fine flavored chocolate that has not been altered with vegetable oils and artificial flavors as has most commodity or candy grade chocolate sold in the US.

Chocolatier Julie is the recipient of numerous industry awards and is an active member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association which promotes the highest standards in the chocolate industry. She also is recipient of the Indiana Artisan designation, a juried award which honors some of the state’s top artists and foodists such as Chocolate for the Spirit. Numerous awards earned since the company’s founding in 2008 including top honors at the prestigious New York Chocolate Show, Chicago Fine Chocolate Show, Cincinnati Show and the International Chocolate Salon with expert judges from the food industry such as Serious Eats and Huffington Post. Chocolate Salon awards include those in categories for Best Truffle, Best Bar, Best Toffee and Best White Chocolate. Chocolate for the Spirit earned 4 Stars for Best Chocolatier in America from the Salon in 2016.

Chocolatier Julie is as dedicated to teaching others about fine flavored chocolate as she is about creating unique products that highlight the best chocolate, often in an unconventional manner or new twist on old favorites. She conducts seminars and classes about chocolate to large groups (such as at the Indiana State Fair, and Chicago Fine Chocolate Show) and smaller groups including groups of 12 at her studio in Shelbyville, IN. Chocolate for the Spirit is central Indiana handcrafted in small batches by Chocolatier Julie and sold online to US customers at Custom, corporate and catering is also available. Local associations also include Indiana Originals, Indiana Grown, Hoosier Harvest Market and Farmers