Singer/Songwriter Drew Baldridge performs

Ever since he heard his first Alabama track at age 5 back in Patoka, Illinois, his rangy roots have drawn from the sound and feeling of authentic, old-school country. So has his life, from working on his family farm to bonfire parties with friends on Saturday night and savoring family dinners after church every Sunday.

guitar Singer/Songwriter Drew Baldridge says, “I know I’m not the most talented guy in Nashville, but I also know that nobody can outwork me. I’ve worked hard my whole life. I moved here five years ago but I’ve been playing in bars for seven years. I’ve had my band for more than three years. We’ve done over a hundred thousand miles on the road. We’ve got a lot of dirt on us. That’s one of the reasons I call this album Dirt On Us. Maybe people don’t know that, but I know that.”

Watch Drew perform right here before he takes the stage tonight at 8 Seconds Saloon, 6 p.m.

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