Body Language: Own the Room

First Impressions begin when you are seen, not when you start talking. By the time you open your mouth, people already have an idea of who they think you are. Body Language Expert Lisa Mitchell (Founder, Power Body Language) says you have about 7 seconds from when you are first seen before people decide one of three things about you: You’re a friend, You’re a threat, or worst of all, you’re neutral, don’t leave enough of an impact for them to register an opinion about you.

Here are 3 tips to make a great first impression and own any room:
1) Be “On” Before You’re On – Entering a room with confidence creates a positive “halo effect” that makes people view their entire interaction with you more positively
2) Smile & Nod or Acknowledge others when you enter the room. Show your warmth, people are drawn in by that.
Ninja tip: An eyebrow raise is effective for creating a feeling of recognition with someone. They feel “known” and seen.
3) Create Trust Quickly – Our hands are our trust indicators. Keeping your hands visible and loosely by your sides as you enter a room helps people perceive you as being more trustworthy.


Final Thoughts: Entering the room with confidence, acknowledging people warmly, and keeping your hands visible are easy and quick ways to win over a room and establish yourself as someone that they want to know more about.

Lisa Mitchell is a Communications Expert & Executive Coach whose goal is to help people figure themselves out and decode the people around them better so they can show up as their most confident and clued in selves in any situation.

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