DVR Catch-Up: Frequency, ‘The Edison Effect’

(Provided Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW)

And we’re back!

Time to catch up on the DVR…now that there’s something in the DVR after the holidays. Spoilers from here on out!

Frequency is starting to wrap up its first season, and when we left it, we’d just found out who the Nightingale Killer really is. Ta-da! It’s Deacon Joe, step father of the girl who was discovered walking naked and in shock at the church camp in the 90’s, Meghan. He’s been abusing her family under the guise of “saving” them. He’s killed Meghan’s mother, whose corpse Raimy found, bound with a rosary, in Joe’s house in 2016.

Raimy has pulled Meghan’s psych records (HIPAA?) and is really kicking herself for Meghan’s situation. She knows that Meghan’s with Joe, and the tapes are pretty horrifying, some real twisted extremism, with a healthy dose of physical abuse. No one believes Meghan in the psych ward, “she’s not well,” because that’s the best way for Joe to discredit her. Her little brother, Robbie, is abused for even slight mistakes, and her mother has scars from the assault. He keeps them at a cabin in the woods, grilling them until they can properly recite Scripture through their terror.

Frank has done some investigation of Deacon Joe in 1996, as Joe has no idea that he’s a suspect back then. Frank has started plotting Joe’s habits, to figure out his schedule and nail it, because Raimy insists that Frank kill Joe back in 1996. The only way to change history and to save Mom, is to cut the tree at the trunk,” says Raimy. See, if they just do something back then to stop Joe, who’s to say that doesn’t change things again in 2016? If Frank merely arrests Joe, what if Joe gets paroled, or escapes then, and that throws 2016 in disarray, and they’ve lost their time advantage? Then we’re either set up for Season 2 or back to square one.

Frank has concerns about the ethics of what they’re about to do: Steal money from a church, to make it look like Joe skipped town, and then Frank is to kill him and hide his body. Pretty much goes against everything they are as police.

Sidebar: I do love that Gordo is Raimy’s constant, no matter what happens (wait, “constant…” is that too ‘Lost-y?’). I really hope nothing happens to him! We even get to see little Gordo at the hardware store, while Frank loads up on, well, stuff he’s going to use to kill Deacon Joe—I mean—painting Raimy’s room. See? He bought a paint brush!

In 2016, Meghan snags a burner phone Joe bought, and manages to get a call to Raimy, constantly repeating her location. Joe isn’t happy.

Satch and Raimy race to the location, hoping to stop Joe before he kills Meghan. A stand-off ensues, and Meghan is killed. Raimy, in a rage, runs into the woods after Joe, exchanges gunfire with him.

In 1996, Frank drugs Joe and drags him into his car.
2016: Raimy has Joe cornered at a gas station. He kneels and puts his hands up. And Raimy shoots him in cold blood, hands her gun to an officer, and declares that none of it really matters.

1996: Frank is driving Joe to his grave, but Julie calls, needing Raimy’s clarinet from the car. Distracted driving causes hurt twenty years ago, and Frank gets T-boned. This was not part of the plan.

…Until next week…

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