Hendricks Co. locals concerned over string of recent car vandalizations

AVON (WISH) — More than 20 people reported vandalism to their cars in Hendricks County early Wednesday morning. 13 of those cases happened in Avon.

People reported their tired had been slashed or punctured and at least one person said their car had been keyed as well.

A majority of the cases happened in Avon’s Lexington Woods and Hollowbrook subdivisions.

Steve Eyster said his son had parked in the street overnight and woke up to find two flat tires and a keyed car.

“So I went out and tried to put air in them, couldn’t get any air to go in them and seeing as both tires were flat I assumed somebody had done some vandalism,” said Eyster.

Police say similar reports came in all morning.

“Day shift officers began taking reports and throughout the morning we had more and more residents waking up to find out their vehicles had also been damaged,” said Assistant Chief of Police, Brian Nugent.

People who live in the area say it’s typically a quiet neighborhood, but Avon Police say crimes like this can happen anywhere.

There are a few things they recommend doing to protect your car.

“We talk about having good communication with your neighbors, talk about exterior lighting, keep a lamp on, if you’re up late at night just being aware of what is going on in your neighborhood, just information sharing and being responsive if you see something say something,” said Assistant Chief Nugent.

Police are working to talk with people who may have seen suspicious cars in the neighborhood.

They’re also reviewing home surveillance video from several neighbors to see if the suspects were caught on camera.

Meanwhile, some victims are still left wondering why anyone would do something like this.

“I don’t know. it seems like criminals would want to do something to make some money, but I guess they just did this for fun… it is really disgusting,” said Eyster.

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