More than half of all online accounts secured with 25 common passwords

Photo provided by WLFI

(WFLA) — If you’re using one of these top 25 most common passwords, you may want to change it.

Keeper Security company reviewed the 10 million passwords that became public through the 2016 data breaches and their findings are astonishing.

Over half of the people online are using one of the most common as their password.

The report said one out of five of those people are still using the chronological numbers “123456” as their password. Other common passwords included in the top five are different variations of the chronological numbers.

The top row of the keyboard, letters Q W E R T Y, is the third most common password.

If you’re looking to change your password, specialist suggest using at least 12 characters, with mixed types — including letters numbers and punctuation.

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