Trump lashes out against NBC News via Twitter

In this Nov. 9, 2016, photo, President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a rally in New York. Trump elicited wild cheers on the campaign trail by pledging to “drain the swamp” in Washington but the president-elect’s transition team is populated largely with creatures of the capital, including former federal bureaucrats, think-tank academics, corporate lawyers and special interests lobbyists. An internal organizational chart for the Trump transition team lists more than 30 names, some well-known within the GOP establishment. They are tasked with helping to select and vet Trump’s cabinet, as well as map out the key policy initiatives the new administration will pursue.(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

(WISH) – President-elect Donald Trump is stepping up his attacks on what he is calling “fake news.”

Trump lashed out Wednesday night via Twitter, against NBC News for the network’s coverage.

Trump said his tweets are the only way he can counteract against the media.

“I don’t like tweeting, I have other things I like doing. But I have a very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And it’s my only way that I counteract,” President-elect Donald Trump said.

Trump critics have called on the president-elect to stay off his personal Twitter account once he takes office. He has said he will continue to be on social media.

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