Annessa’s Just One Thing: Your First Hour

It’s the one tip that changed her in 2017, and she hopes it changes your 2017 too! Here’s Registered Dietician Annessa Chumbley with her “one tip” to help jumpstart your day:

“Win the first hour of your day, and you’ve won the entire day. The single most important hour is the first because it has the most impact on the rest of your day. So, here’s what I use to do. Alarm goes off, roll over in bed, and boom – check social media, emails, texts. That’s like immersing yourself in a swamp of other people’s opinions, agendas, comparison, and NOISE….and it walks with you the rest of your day! Instead, consider that first hour technology free. It’s almost calming to think about, huh?

That first hour is for you to set your mind & body for your day. The first thing you drink and the first thoughts your think project on the rest of the day! Now the next 4 mornings I’ll be sharing the simple things I do that hour that give momentum to my day. – I’ll be sharing those daily on my Facebook page at: Annessa Chumbley, RD. Just one thing to do this week: Give up technology for just 1 hour. You have to make room for magic to happen! Win that first hour of your day….just focus on the first…and the rest will follow.”

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