Increased delays to I-69 section completion announced

Construction on the I-69 project has resumed after a work stoppage. (WISH Photo/Howard Monroe)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — Additional delays to the completion of a section of Interstate 69 have been were announced following a closed meeting in Bloomington.

At a meeting Tuesday that included representatives from the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Finance Authority, as well as Monroe County and Bloomington city officials and employees, Isolux Development Partners pushed back the completion date for Section 5 of I-69, saying it would not be possible before August 2018.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton responded to the increase in delays with the following statement:

I continue to be exceedingly frustrated with the opaque nature of this process. A major delay being disclosed in a small meeting is not how government should operate. Just yesterday two more people were injured in a construction zone crash. None of the partners in this project will take responsibility for the ongoing problem that this project has become for the thousands of people who rely on this transportation corridor every day.”

According to reports following the meeting, Isolux is still in the process of finalizing negotiations with its own subcontractors, further delaying formal agreements among Isolux, INDOT and the Finance Authority.

Mayor Hamilton expressed his concern about the effect of the delays on all state residents and will be reaching out for broader assistance. “Hoosier residents and travelers are dealing with avoidable delays, inconvenience and safety risks. I will be requesting a meeting with Governor Holcomb to express my concern and ask for transparent collaboration and a real plan for completion,” said Hamilton.

24-Hour News 8 will continue to follow this story.

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