Indiana Democrats to offer alternative road funding bill

Next week, Indiana democrats plan to propose a counter road funding plan. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As a plan moves forward to increase the price at the pump to fix roads, Indiana Democrats are drafting one of their own.

This session, Democrats have mentioned cutting wealthy tax cuts, and freezing state pay as a way to fund road projects. On Thursday, the house minority leader said their proposal would be made public next week.

This comes as Republicans look to raise a billion dollars a year through taxes and fees. Hoosiers would pay 10 cents more a gallon, a $15 annual vehicle fee, and electric car owners would pay a $150 annual fee.

In all, Republican leaders said most Hoosiers would spend around $60 a year. House Democrats question the plan.

Using charts, House Minority Leader Scott Pelath showed tax breaks offered by Republicans. He would like to see those end before all Hoosier get saddled with a spike at the pump.

“It is the type of plan that when you walk into the country club you’re going to have someone walk up with a cocktail, and compliment you on your courage,” House Minority Leader Pelath said. “But when you get outside of the country club, and down to the diner, you’re probably going to get a little bit different reaction.”

“We’ve cut $385 per year on the average taxpayer in Indiana,” House Speaker Brian Bosma said. “Much more for higher taxpayers, so a $63 dollar increase for the average driver is not much to ask.”

Democrats said their counter proposal will be made public at some point next week. As for the Republican plan, it’s now in the ways and means committee. If signed into law, Hoosiers would see a pump spike this summer.

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