Israeli dignitary visits Indiana to meet with local government leaders

(WISH Photo/Laura Kennedy)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Jewish leaders are speaking out against the rise in anti-Semitic acts in the country.

An Israeli dignitary visited Indianapolis Tuesday to meet with government officials.

His visit focused on building relationships and exploring economic development possibilities, but he also spoke about the recent anti-Semitic incidents.

“These are voices of extremists,” Consul General of Israel Aviv Ezra said.

Ezra represents Israel in the Midwest.

He said he doesn’t believe that threats or acts of hate toward the Jewish community represent the view of most Americans.

“I think that it doesn’t represent what the values of this country stand for,” he said.

He believes President Trump will continue the years of work in creating a positive relationship between America and Israel.

“We’re very fortunate to have a President and administration that wants to push forward the economic and trade relationships,” he said.

Part of that relationship is having representatives like Consul General Ezra stay in the US and work with local leaders.

“The governor, the mayor, part of the legislative delegation here,” he said.

“Part of my job is to help make connections between Hoosiers and the state of Israel, so when we get a visit from the Consul General, it’s a real opportunity,” Jewish Community Relations Council Exec. Director Lindsey Mintz said.

She is hopeful that visits like these to Indianapolis will help curb the rising trend of anti-Semitic acts.

“The incidents of anti-Semitism are on the rise,” she said, “Opportunities like this allow us to share with elected officials how the Jewish community is feeling and how concerned we are.”

“One of the focuses of the Israeli government is to enhance the relationship with Indiana,” Ezra said.

The Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis has not received any direct threats, but they have been preparing for the worst just in case something happens.

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