State, city and tech leaders announce new Internet of Things lab

State, city and tech leaders to announce new Internet of Things lab. (WISH Photo/Jessica Smith)

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — Governor Eric Holcomb will join Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness and local technology leaders announced a new “Internet of Things” or “IoT” lab in central Indiana Tuesday.

Organizers tell 24-Hour News 8 it will be the first of its kind in Indiana. 24-Hour News 8 found several local organizations are already embracing the new wave of IoT technology.

IoT is defined as the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

“IoT is a product of adding connected technology into existing products today. Something that may only do things on a local environment can now broadcast that information, through often your smartphone can tell you what devices are doing or allow you to control devices remotely,” said Mike Sale a product development manager at Delta Faucet.

Delta Faucet will launch its first IoT product, a leak detection device, in October.  The device is small and fits beneath a toilet, water heater or washer — any place a homeowner is concerned about water leaks.

“If the device detects water it will emit an audible alarm, but it will also send a text or a push notification to one or multiple phones,” said Sale.

The alarm and push alert could save homeowners’ time and money.

“Something like a water heater might drip a little bit before the whole bottom goes out. We want to get you there and fix it while it’s a $100 problem, before it’s a several thousand dollar problem,” said Sale.

Eleven Fifty Academy, a non-profit that has already taught thousands of people how to code, is getting involved in IoT as well.

“You’re continuing to see more and more companies take advantage of this IoT space, so now is the time to get in front of that and invest early to understand…the Amazon Echo has been a great success around IoT devices,” said John Qualls, Eleven Fifty  Academy president.

Qualls said Eleven Fifty will offer an Internet of Things course in April, to fuel Indiana’s tech growth.

“I’ve always felt like we tend to always allow things to come from the coasts and come to the middle. This is our opportunity to stay on par with those folks and start to be thinking forward much more aggressively,” said Qualls.

The course will last four days and costs $2,400. Qualls said ClearObject will offer $10,000 in scholarships, meaning the first ten students who apply will get $1,000 off the course.

You can learn more information here.

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