Annessa’s Just One Thing: Keep Moving

One phrase that will make a difference in your health journey: “it’s better to be consistently good, rather than occasionally perfect.”

Here’s more from Registered Dietician Annessa Chumbley:

My good buddy firefighter & fitness trainer Tim Griffin gave me this advice: have a mindset to never stop moving. Just keep moving! Here’s the thing: the biggest barrier to exercise is: TIME. What if you could create time for yourself? The best way to do that is to slide movement onto what you are already doing – that way it takes no extra time, and hardly any extra thought. As a busy momma, I don’t have time right now to leave for the gym everyday. But I can take the day I already have and drop in minutes of movement. Doesn’t take any more time…you’ve just used time better.

So here’s the just one thing this week. When you find any minute that you are idle (sitting or standing)…use that minute to your advantage & move. Here’s a quick example: when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, do ever so nonchalantly, calf raises. It’s perfect because you can balance yourself on your cart. You might be thinking “but Annessa, people are going to look at me like I’m strange”. Look around – everyone is looking at their phone! No one is even aware what you’re are doing. And hey, if they are, they’ll be thinking they should do it too.

Just one thing this week: Find those minutes you are idle, and move! I PROMISE you, it will change your energy level by the end of the day, because you are getting the blood pumping in short spurts throughout the day. By doing this, you are moving the pendulum for yourself DAILY rather than having that huge goal that you never attempt. Remember, it’s better to be consistency good, instead of occasionally perfect.

I’ll be sharing more small minutes of movement examples on my Facebook page at Annessa Chumbley, RD – and leave me a comment: where’s an idle minute in your day you could drop some movement? And I’ll see you Monday for the next “Just One Thing”!
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