Frequent Locations Tracks Every Move, Down to Minutes

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO) – For those of you at home with an iPhone, get yours out and open your settings.

If you have the iOS operating system of 7 or higher, your phone has the ability to track your every move, and it’s not through maps or an app you download.

“Oh, that’s cool,” says Thomas Elliot. “Is this like…public information?”

“I’m not a fan of that,” says Alex Harrison. “Makes me feel like I’m being watched or something.”

Citizens around the Valley are feeling spied-upon or vulnerable and others are feeling more safe.

And it’s all because of frequent location tracking on your phone.

Once you’re under settings, find the privacy button.

From there, tap “locations services.”

Scroll to the bottom and tap “system services.”

Once there, find “frequent locations”

Click on that.

You’ll see that the button is green on the top, and a history of where you have spent your most time.

Eye opening right?

Well, there’s more.

If you open up a location, it will tell you the exact times you’ve been there.

“I didn’t know that,” says Elliot. “That’s pretty cool though.”

Most of the people WTWO spoke to didn’t even know this setting was on their phone and they’re not sure what to think.

“I don’t know, it kinda makes me wonder what their purpose is,” says Harrison.

“I don’t know, yes and no,” says Elliot. “I feel like it’s good cause if you’re wondering where you were at some time, you can go on your phone and look and see, oh I was there, ya know? But then again, they can see too.”

Even then, most believe it’s important to let their friends and family know about this feature.

“Find some segue into it, like oh, you wanna see something weird?” says Harrison. “And then show them.”

“I feel like that’s one helpful feature about it, so,” says Elliot.

So now you know.

And can decide if it works for you, or not.

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