Over 330,000 Hoosiers register for Do Not Call list by first 2017 deadline

(WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Over 330,000 Hoosiers have ensured their telephone policy by registering for the Do Not Call list by the first deadline of the year.

Approximately 332,764 Indiana residents signed up for the list by February 21, which was the first of four 2017 deadlines. That number is the highest amount for a single quarter since 2011 when 189,000 Hoosiers registered in the third quarter of that year.

The Do Not Call list serves as a way to combat potential scammers and to protect residents from information intrusion.

Hoosiers who signed up for the February 21 deadline will now receive less phone calls from telemarketers beginning April 1.

The next deadline for the registration is May 16.

If you need to sign up for the list, you can call 888-834-9969.

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