Despite tax vote, Indy councilor vows to fight Red Line

The Indianapolis City County Council approved a plan Monday night to raise income taxes by .25 percent on Feb. 28, 2017.(Provided Photo/IndyGo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis City County Council approved a plan Monday night to raise income taxes by .25 percent.

The money is going to improve mass transit with more frequent bus service around the county.

It will also help pay for the Red Line which will eventually run down College Avenue.

But a city councilor representing the area is opposed to the tax hike.

“College (Avenue) as it is right now, is a good neighborhood. I’ve lived over there since 1980. I remember when there wasn’t a whole lot over there. Meridian Kessler, all them fought very hard to bring it where it is. And that Red Line is going to destroy College, I guarantee you,” said Joe Simpson, who represents part of the area where the Red Line will run through.

Simpson was one of eight councilors to vote no on the plan at Monday’s meeting.

The tax plan will add an additional $54 million to Indy Go’s coffers.

Voters approved a public referendum on the tax in Nov. by over 59 percent.

But Simpson says the fight against the Red Line isn’t over yet.

“The bottom line is they got to come through DPW, they’ve got to come through zoning and they have get approval by the council. It’s not a done deal,” he said.

“The bottom line is the cost of doing nothing is so far greater than the risk of doing something,” said Jeff Miller, who represents the Fountain Square area.

Miller voted for the tax. He said increased mass transit would help get people to jobs and help grow the city.

Mayor Hogsett indicated that he will sign off on the tax.

The tax will go into effect in Oct. of this year, and the increased service will begin next year along with the construction of the Red Line.

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