4 kids dead in Oregon house fire, 3 hospitalized

(WISH Photo)

RIDDLE, Ore. (AP) – A sheriff’s spokesman says multiple people are dead and others seriously injured after a house fire broke out overnight in a small town in Oregon.

Douglas County Deputy Dwes Hutson said Wednesday there were 7 people in the home when the fire broke out around 2 a.m.in the town of Riddle.

Authorities said Gwendolyn Howell, 4, Haley Maher, 7, Isaiah Young, 10, and Nicholas Lowe, 13, all died in the fire. They also confirmed James K. Howell, 39, Tabitha A. Howell, 38, and Andrew Hall-Young, 13, were all hospitalized with “serious” injuries.

Riddle is about 200 miles south of Portland.

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