Brayton Lee dominates Indiana high school wrestling, leading Brownsburg to first team state title

(WISH Photo)

BROWNSBURG, Ind (WISH) – Weighing in at 145 pounds, Brownsburg junior Brayton Lee has already achieved at the highest possible level in the state.

“He’s pretty special. You know, winning a state title is something guys train for their whole life and can’t do,” said Brownsburg wrestling head coach Darrick Snyder. “He’s done it twice and still has another year left.”

You heard him right! Back-to-back state titles and two straight seasons undefeated. As you can imagine, the wrestler has garnered national attention for his ability on the mat.

“I can’t picture myself in this spot, but it’s really cool to be as dominant as I’ve been,” said Brayton Lee.

“Not only has he won the state title twice and gone undefeated the last two years, but he really hasn’t been pushed,” said Snyder.

At this point, Lee has the choice of nearly any university in the country to wrestle. And while he has yet to make a decision about college, he takes being a student of the sport very seriously.

“Before tournaments I like keeping notes and stuff about what I did in tournaments before,” said Lee. “Like what I ate for breakfast. If I had a really good breakfast and wrestled good, I try to keep those things.”

That approach to his craft has allowed the junior to dream well beyond the high school and even college level.

“I want to wrestle division one and then win four NCAA titles, then I want to be an Olympic champ,” said Lee.

Sounds easy, right? For Lee, it’s a goal. But his coach says the state champ has already left his mark on the Bulldog program.

“Guys are going to talk about him in a decade, two decades. He’s going to be able to bring his kids back and his grandkids back. And everybody involved in Brownsburg wrestling is going to know who Brayton Lee is,” said Snyder.

Everyone in Brownsburg wrestling will know the name, and by the time he finishes his career, who knows how far his name will reach.

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