Butler Tarkington man pushes for answers in murder of little boy

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Ted Feeney posted a tweet on Wednesday. In 116 characters, he questioned where the media coverage, resources and reward money were in the murder of 10-year-old De’Shaun Swanson.

“He is a boy who lost his life in 2015, someone in the community knows something, it looked like a planned attack,” said Feeney.

On Sept 19, 2015 someone took it all away. On that day, De’Shaun attended a prayer vigil in the 3900 block of Graceland Avenue. In less than five minutes after arriving, shots were fired at the house and at a crowd of people gathered to pray. One of those shots pierced De’Shaun.

He would die from injures that day. Since that September day, no one has been charged with Swanson’s murder.

Over the past couple of weeks, a double murder has dominated headlines in Indiana and across the country. Teenagers Libby German and Abby Williams went for a walk in Delphi and never returned home. Their bodies were found the next day. Police released an image of a man believed to be the prime suspect and a recording of a male voice from German’s phone.

Since then, the FBI and Indiana State Police have heavily been involved in the investigation. A reward fund for information in the murder of the two girls has raised over $200,000.

Feeney would like to see that same effort placed in Swanson’s investigation, and other murders in the city.

“Lets copy what they are doing, lets bring it to Indy, and lets go get these bad guys,” said Feeney.

On Thursday evening, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will meet with the family members of murder victims. IMPD is working to reassure those in attendance that their loved ones are not forgotten.

According to IMPD, in 2016, there were 172 homicides.One-hundred and five of those cases were solved and 67 remain unsolved. Each year, IMPD detectives solve homicides from the previous year.

Feeney hopes that this year Swanson’s case will be on that list of solved murders.

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