IMPD tackling increase in robberies on southwest side

24-Hour News 8 spoke to residents about IMPD passing out flyers in the area. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – On Wednesday, two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were walking along a strip mall on West Washington Street and Belmont Avenue. The officers carried a stack of papers in hand. Each flyer had bullet points on what to do in a robbery.

The list included several tips, like don’t be a hero, remain calm and do as you are told, carefully observe details of the suspect and be a good witness like noting the suspects age, race, and any identifying marks like scars

The suggestions come after IMPD reported a 3.5 percent increase in robberies in the southwest district.

“Robberies are very serious crimes, we are not going to sit around and hope it gets better, we are going to take immediate and aggressive action to solve these robberies,” said Southwest Commander Michael Spears.

24-Hour News 8 spoke to residents about IMPD passing out flyers, and many were pleased to know IMPD is aware of the robberies in the area.

“I think that will be nice, it will help us,” said Carolyn Stone, who lives on the southwest side.

The flyers also include tips on what to do after a robbery. Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Call 911 when it is safe
  • Be prepared to give the location of the robbery
  • Protect the crime scene don’t touch anything
  • Ask witnesses to stay until law enforcement arrives

Some IMPD officers will be in the areas where the robberies occurred in plain clothes.

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