Indiana lawmakers build an Indianapolis family a new home: ‘I’m just overwhelmed’

Indiana lawmakers spent some time Wednesday volunteering for Habitat for Humanity on March 8, 2017. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – For the first time ever, a home was built on the Indiana Statehouse lawn, with help from lawmakers.

The project was more than a year in the making. On Wednesday, more than 100 Habitat for Humanity volunteers pieced together a home.

Each year, the agency builds more than 200 homes across Indiana. The latest belonging to Ebony Duffy, and her eight-year-old daughter.

PHOTOS: Lawmakers work with volunteers to build Habitat for Humanity house

“It’s a supernatural thing to me,” Duffy said. “I’m just overwhelmed, and filled with joy, and holding in my tears.”

It’s not complete, but Duffy sees a finished product. She’s also dreaming about her window views, she just never thought it would be of the Indiana statehouse.

“No, not at all,” Duffy said. On Wednesday, Duffy’s home became the first to be built on the Statehouse lawn.

“As long as I can get free parking,” Duffy said. “I’m totally fine with it.”

She won’t get a discount on parking, but did with the labor. The volunteers who built her home were Indiana lawmakers.

“Passing a House bill is a lot harder than this because we’re all in agreement on this one,” Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma said.

“In terms of physical labor, there’s no comparison, but this is far more meaningful, and rewarding,” Indiana House Minority Leader Scott Pelath said.

The legislature help went beyond hammering nails. Lawmakers collected tools.

This way, the build will help every district across the state. The build raised more than $50,000, and collected 3,500 in tools.

The once in a lifetime build is memorable, but Duffy is ready to get her home to her new spot. “This is just a new beginning for me and my daughter,” Duffy said. We’re really thrilled about that.”

Duffy will move into her home by late June. If you want to donate to the statehouse build project, and help the Habitat for Humanity, click here.

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