Experience the second annual interactive art exhibit tailored for visually impaired

Experience the second annual interactive art exhibit tailored for visually impaired. (WISH Photo/Marcus Collins)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A very unique art experience is opening in Indianapolis, and for the organizers it’s an exhibit close to their hearts. It’s the second year for the interactive exhibit tailored for the visually impaired.

At Visually Impaired Preschool Services, they want to make art available to everyone. At this exhibit, you will have to use all your senses, not just your eyes. You’ll find works of art by regional artists exploring the world of art through the eyes of people and children struggling with visual impairment.

The gallery is more of a tactile, auditory and spatial experience. All of this is the idea of the Assistant Director of VIPS, Meredith Howell, who is the mother of Lola. Lola is legally blind and can see the world as if it’s a kaleidoscope. The artwork on display will be fully accessible to touch and explore.

Descriptions will be written in braille and large print.  QR codes will be used for audio recordings from the artists which will add another layer of accessibility.  For sighted visitors, VIPS will offer sleep shades and visual impairment simulator goggles to give them the chance to experience the artwork by using senses other than vision.

Revision is free and will be held at the Indiana Interchurch Center Art Gallery throughout March and April 2017.

Opening night is March 9.

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