Humane Society of Indianapolis takes in 23 Chihuahuas rescued from hoarding situation

(WISH Photo/Megan Sanctorum)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Humane Society of Indianapolis is asking for your help after 23 Chihuahuas were rescued from a hoarding situation in southern Indiana.

The dogs came to the shelter on Friday and many need a lot of medical care.

The Humane Society is launching a new medical sponsorship program for the dogs called “sayCHIS.”

“It is tough. It is sad to see that many come in. I mean, they likely were all living in one place, and that is a lot of animals to have in one place,” said Kristin Conrad, with the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

All 23 need to be spayed and neutered, and they all need vaccinations and dental care. Some of the dogs have heartworms or skin infections. One will even need to have a leg amputated after the leg healed improperly from a former break.

“Caring for 23 Chihuahuas and providing all those routine medical things that they need and also specialized care for some of them that came to us with more complex issues requires some funds,” said Conrad.

Humane Society leaders are hoping to raise $10,000 for these Chihuahuas through the “sayCHIS” initiative. Leaders say no donation is too small, and money raised will help get these animals ready to find permanent homes.

“The sooner we can take care of those medical needs and fund those types of things, the sooner they can go home,” said Conrad.

Several of the Chihuahuas are already up for adoption.

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